With over 15 years of combined experience, ITSwitch Pvt. Ltd. was established by a group of young individuals sharing a common idea of establishing a company which can satisfy the needs of people looking for websites, Search Engine Optimization, Software design and development, Outsourcing , IT Solutions and overall everything that relates to internet under one roof. We provide quality service at affordable cost and guarantee on time delivery.

Over the years, ITSwitch has helped tens of thousands of businesses across the world with online solutions and in promotion of their business as well as products over the internet. As the world knows that internet is making the world a smaller place, we are completely aware that there are hundreds of thousands of website designing and hosting companies all over the world. In this huge competition we are able to have a fair share of the market because of one and only reason, Customer Satisfaction & After Sales Support. We are loud and proud about the after sales support we provide our customers, and we know the last thing that a customer wants is his/her website company ditching them after they make the payment.

We at ITSwitch believe in providing the best services and giving the full authority to the customers. We donot bind our customer with any types of contracts or agreements and the customer is free to walk away without making any kinds of payments if they are not satisfied with our work, but in any case if the customer wants to be in a contract with us then even that won’t be much of a problem with us.

Call us now at +977-1-4952719 to turn your dream of having a perfect website and watch it turn into reality in front of your eyes.

Why Choose Us

IT Switch has been the best choice of many companies around the world. We have the unique ability to serve local, national and international businesses

Our highly skilled team can design, develop and support even the most technically complicated systems, potentially providing you with the most advanced systems available with long lasting quality.

We value and are totally committed to all our clients and this makes us a reliable, professional and long-term business partner. Our efforts are customer centered. We offer cutting edge technology, excellent service, efficient and timely solutions. We will provide you the products and services you request at competitive prices and on time.

We also help offices setup CCTV Survellance, finger print attandance system, Invertor and generator backups and other overall office supply managements.

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